Dripping Springs

Inspired by all the many wonders of life. Poised in nature among the beauty of Dripping Springs, Texas. LUNAROYA invites us to return to our child-like awe. To live a life of pure, wide-open wonder. To look at the world bright-eyed and hungry for life. To live a life amazed by the glory of the world around us.

Twenty eight intimate homesites surrounded by the splendor of Barton Creek and the secluded rolling landscape of the Texas Hill Country.

The Land

Somewhere just outside the bustle of Austin, Texas, a simple, remarkable place exists where the many wonders and beauty of life abound. A place where neighbors share dirt roads, small town rhythm, beautiful food and music, and the dream of life well lived. A dream that is illuminated by the richness of the Texas sun shining across the hill country and the glory of the nightly stars in the dark skies above. A place that is shaded with the loving arms of 100 year old live oaks. A place where the waters of Barton Creek flow gently along the rocky ridge. A place called Dripping Springs. There could be no more appropriate place for Lunaroya.


The established live oaks will remain unmoved with the development of Lunaroya

Life at Lunaroya is a life connected by nature. A life connected by beauty. A life connected by wonderment.